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  • Slaughter on the Eastern Front: Hitler and Stalin's War 1941-1945

    Anthony Tucker-Jones casts new light on the brutal fighting on the Eastern Front in World War II. Through his analysis of German front-line command assessments, he reveals the shocking destruction of German forces by the Soviets as early as 1942—and yet Hitler kept on fighting. Step by step, he describes how the German war machine fought to its very last against a relentless enemy.... [Read More]

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    • ASIN: 0750967706
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  • War on the Eastern Front, 1941-1945: The German Soldier in Russia

    The first time in paperback, Lucas details the experiences of the average German soldier from their perspective. This book gives a vivid account of the entire campaign.

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    • ASIN: 1853673110
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  • Tank Warfare on the Eastern Front 1943-1945: Red Steamroller

    By 1943, after the catastrophic German defeat at Stalingrad, the Wehmacht’s panzer armies gradually lost the initiative on the Eastern Front. The tide of the war had turned. Their combined arms technique, which had swept Soviet forces before it during 1941 and 1942, had lost its edge. Thereafter the war on the Eastern Front was dominated by tank-led offensives and, as Robert Forczyk shows, the Red Army’s mechanized forces gained the upper hand, delivering a sequence of powerful blows that shattered one German defensive line after another. ... [Read More]

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  • Tank Warfare on the Eastern Front 1941-1942: Schwerpunkt

    The German panzer armies that swept into the Soviet Union in 1941 were an undefeated force that had honed their skill in combined arms warfare to a fine edge. The Germans focused their panzers and tactical air support at points on the battlefield defined as Schwerpunkt - main effort - to smash through any defensive line and then advance to envelope their adversaries. 

Initially, these methods worked well in the early days of Operation Barbarossa and the tank forces of the Red Army suffered defeat after defeat. Although badly mauled in the ... [Read More]

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  • War on the Eastern Front: The German Soldier in Russia 1941-1945

    Dawn on Sunday 22 June 1941 saw the opening onslaughts of Operation Barbarossa as German forces stormed forward into the Soviet Union. Few of them were to survive the five long years of bitter struggle.A posting to the Eastern Front during the Second World War was rightly regarded with dread by the German soldiers. They were faced by the unremitting hostility of the climate, the people and even, at times, their own leadership. They saw epic battles such as Stalingrad and Kursk, and yet it was a daily war of attrition which ultimately proved fat... [Read More]

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  • War of Annihilation: Combat and Genocide on the Eastern Front, 1941 (Total War: New Perspectives on World War II)

    On June 22, 1941, Hitler began what would be the most important campaign of the European theater. The war against the Soviet Union would leave tens of millions of Soviet citizens dead and large parts of the country in ruins. The death and destruction would result not just from military operations but also from the systematic killing and abuse that the German army, police, and SS directed against Jews, Communists, and ordinary citizens.In War of Annihilation, noted military historian Geoffrey P. Megargee provides a clear, concise history of the ... [Read More]

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  • Blood Red Snow: The Memoirs of a German Soldier on the Eastern Front

    For the German soldier fighting under Hitler, keeping a diary was strictly forbidden. So Gunter Koschorrek, a fresh young recruit, wrote his notes on whatever scraps of paper he could find and sewed the pages into the lining of his winter coat. Left with his mother on his rare trips home, this illicit diary eventually was lost—and did not come to light until some 40 years later when Koschorrek was reunited with his daughter in America. It is this remarkable document, a unique day-to-day account of the common German soldier’s experience, tha... [Read More]

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  • Alarmstart East: The German Fighter Pilot's Experience on the Eastern Front 1941-1945

    For anyone interested in the air war 1939-45, the information provided here is of inestimable value. There are no more than a handful of WW2 Luftwaffe members alive today. Patrick Eriksson had the foresight to record these experiences first-hand before it was too late. The recollections and views of the veterans are put within the context of the German aerial war history. By no means all the witnesses were from the ranks of the so-called "aces." It was on the Eastern Front that, essentially, much of the Luftwaffe was destroyed, and this is the ... [Read More]

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  • Waffen-SS on the Eastern Front 1941-1945 (Images of War)

    This book in the popular Images of War series covers the deeds of the Waffen-SS on the Eastern Front during the Second World War. With extensive text and in-depth captions with many rare and unpublished photographs it is an absorbing analysis of the part they played on the Eastern Front. It reveals in detail how this elite band of men fought during the opening phase of Barbarossa, the invasion of Russia, how it supported and took part in the victory at Kharkov, Demyansk and other battles in the Soviet Union. The book reveals the Waffen-SS’s r... [Read More]

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    • ASIN: 1781591865
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  • SS Das Reich At War 1939-1945: A History of the Division on the Western and Eastern Fronts (Images of War)

    Between 1933 and 1939, the strength and influence of the SS grew considerably with thousands of men being recruited into the new ideological armed formation, many into units known as the SS-Verfgungstruppe (Special Disposal Troop). These troops saw action in Poland before switching to the Western Front in 1940. Out of this organisation the SS Das Reich Division was created.This book, with its extensive text and over 250 rare and unpublished photographs with detailed captions describes the fighting tactics, the uniforms, the battles and the diff... [Read More]

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    • ASIN: 1473890896
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  • Wiking: A Dutch SS-er on the Eastern front (Eyewitness 1939 - 1945)

    Henk Kistemaker wrote a unique report about his war experiences as a member of the Waffen-SS. Percentage wise most volunteers for the German Waffen-SS, about 25,000 men, came from the Netherlands. The first division in which a contingent Dutch men served, was the SS Division Wiking. This division was deployed shortly after the invasion of Russia in 1941. She fought among others in Ukraine. During the summeroffensive of 1942 Wiking was able to penetrate deep into the Caucasus. In 1944 the Russian encirclement at Tsjerkassy was broken. In May 194... [Read More]

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  • SS: Hell on the Eastern Front: The Waffen-SS War in Russia 1941-1945

    A fascinating and detailed account of every aspect of the Waffen-SS's war on the Eastern Front: its battles, its organization, tactics, and equipment. Read what it was like to take part in Operation 'Barbarossa', the opening assault against Russia in the summer of 1941; the clash of massed armor at Kursk; and other epic encounters of war in the East. Ailsby also provides detailed insight into how Waffen-SS individuals and units met and often mastered their Red Army adversaries.... [Read More]

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    • ASIN: 0760305382
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  • Panzer Warfare on the Eastern Front

    Vivid narrative of tank combat on the brutal Eastern Front during World War IIDescribes clashes between German Tigers and Soviet T-34sCovers the German invasion of the Soviet Union in 1941, Stalingrad, Kursk, and moreContains numerous firsthand accounts

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  • 800 Days on the Eastern Front: A Russian Soldier Remembers World War II (Modern War Studies)

    During his 800 days of war, Nikolai Litvin fought at the front lines in the ferocious tank battles at Kursk, was wounded three times, and witnessed unspeakable brutalities against prisoners and civilians. But he survived to pen this brief but powerful memoir of his wartime experiences.Barely out of his teens, Litvin served for three years in the Red Army on the killing fields of the Eastern Front. His memoir presents an unadorned, candid narrative of the common soldier's lot in Stalin's army. Unlike the memoirs of Russian officers—usually pre... [Read More]

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  • The Eastern Front: Memoirs of a Waffen SS Volunteer, 1941-1945

    A gripping first-person memoir of soldierly sacrifice, heroism and fierce combat against numerically superior Soviet forces during World War II, by a charismatic Belgian writer and politician turned Waffen SS front-line infantryman.In a laudatory review appearing in an official US Army Department magazine, US Army Brigadier General John C. Bahnsen wrote: "The pace of the writing is fast; the action is graphic, and a warrior can learn things from reading this book. I recommend its reading by students of the art of war. It is well worth the price... [Read More]

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    • ASIN: 0939484773
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  • The First Day on the Eastern Front : Germany Invades the Soviet Union, June 22, 1941

    June 22, 1941: three million German soldiers invaded the Soviet Union as part of Hitler's Operation Barbarossa, aiming to destroy the Soviet Union and secure its land for the Third Reich. In the spirit of

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  • The Eastern Front Air War 1941 - 1945

    Details Coming Soon

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  • The Siege of Brest 1941 : A Legend of Red Army Resistance on the Eastern Front

    On 22 June 1941, the first German shells smashed into the Soviet frontier fortress of Brest - Hitler's Operation Barbarossa had begun. Across a massive front stretching from the Baltic to the Black Sea, the

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  • Building Guderian’s Duck: Germany’s Response To The Eastern Front Antitank Crisis, 1941 To 1945 - eBook

    The appearance of the T-34 in 1941 caused a crisis for German antitank forces. Existing antitank guns were nearly impotent against the new Russian tank, while antiaircraft and artillery pieces, though successful when pressed into

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  • Red Bear: Allied Forces on the Eastern Front, January 1944-February 1945 (Hardcover)

    Books : Red Bear: Allied Forces on the Eastern Front, January 1944-February 1945

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  • Hitler versus Stalin: The Eastern Front 1941 - 1942 - eBook

    The world was not prepared for the massive onslaught launched by Nazi Germany on the Soviet Union on 22 June 1941 – the scale of the invasion, the speed of the German advance, the hundreds

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  • On the Devil's Tail : In Combat with the Waffen-SS on the Eastern Front 1945, and with the French in Indochina 1951-54

    This is the riveting true story of Paul Martelli, a fifteen-year-old German-Italian, who fought in Pomerania, on the Eastern Front, in 1945 as a member of the 33. Waffen-Grenadier-Division der SS "Charlemagne" and, later, as

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  • War of Annihilation : Combat and Genocide on the Eastern Front, 1941

    In War of Annihilation, noted military historian Geoffrey P. Megargee provides a clear, concise history of the Germans' opening campaign of conquest and genocide in 1941. By drawing on the best of military and Holocaust

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  • Hitler Versus Stalin: The Eastern Front 1941 - 1942 : Barbarossa to Moscow

    "Barbarossa to Moscow, Rare photographs from wartime

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  • German Army on the Eastern Front - The Retreat 1943 - 1945


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  • War On The Eastern Front 1941-1945: The German Soldier in Russia By James Lucas

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  • Cataclysm: The War On the Eastern Front 1941-1945

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  • War on the Eastern Front: The German Soldier in Russia 1941-1945 - VERY GOOD

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  • War on the Eastern Front: 1941-1945, The German Soldier in Russia (Lucas, 1982)

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  • War On The Eastern Front 1941-1945 The German Soldier in Russia

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  • War on the Eastern Front, 1941-1945 - The German Soldier in Russia

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  • War on the Eastern Front 1941-1945 - The German Soldier in Russia

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  • War on the Eastern Front: The German Soldier in Russia 1941-1945 Hardcover

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  • War on the Eastern Front:The German Soldier in Russia,1941-1945 by James LucasPB

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  • Eastern Front of WWII animated: 1944/1945

    War On The Eastern Front 1941 1945
    Military tactics,Red Army,Wehrmacht,Battle of Berlin,World War II,WW2,Operation Bagrati...

    The Eastern front 1941-45

    War On The Eastern Front 1941 1945
    wehrmacht,nazi-soviet,eastern front,barbarossa

    The Century of Warfare 13: Hitler Turns East: The Eastern Front 1941-1943 (1994) VHS

    War On The Eastern Front 1941 1945
    vhs,history,documentary,war,WW2,century of warfare