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  • The Magic School Bus Inside the Human Body

    To celebrate its 20th anniversary, Scholastic is re-releasing the ten original Magic School Bus titles in paperback. With updated scientific information, the bestselling science series ever is back!Arnold has swallowed the Magic School Bus! Now, instead of seeing an exhibit of the human body at a museum, the class is taking a look at Arnold's stomach, his intestines, his bloodstream, and more from the inside on this heart-stopping fieldtrip - one the reluctant Arnold would be happy to miss....

    • ASIN: 0590414275
    • Color: Multicolor
    • Brand: Scholastic

  • Journal of an ADHD Kid: The Good, the Bad, and the Useful

    2014 ForeWord Reviews' INDIEFAB Book of the Year Awards Finalist: Juvenile NonFiction category For kids with ADHD, reading Journal of an ADHD Kid is a chance to get to know themselves (and their diagnosis) much better! Toby, the narrator, relates his experiences coping with life as an ADHD kid in an authentic kid's voice that is sometimes funny, sometimes exasperated, sometimes proud, illustrating the range of emotions that kids with ADHD/ADD feel. The book provides information in a frank, upbeat, conversational manner and offers thought-prov...

    • ASIN: 1606132504

  • Long Story Short: The Only Storytelling Guide You'll Ever Need

    This is a practical storytelling guide from comedian, winner of multiple Moth storytelling competitions, and founder of the Upright Citizens Brigade storytelling program, Margot Leitman. Did you ever wish you could tell a story that leaves others spellbound? Storytelling teacher and champion Margot Leitman will show you how! With a fun, irreverent, and infographic approach, this guide breaks a story into concrete components with ways to improve content, structure, emotional impact, and delivery through personal anecdotes, relatable examples, an...

    • ASIN: 1632170272
    • Brand: Sasquatch Books

  • Holy Blood and the Holy Grail

    "Their quest for knowledge possesses all the ingredients of a classic 19th Century mystery novel."--"Financial Times" "A book that cannot easily be dismissed."--"The Bible Society" "Probably one of the most controversial books of the 20th Century."--"U.P.I."

    • ASIN: 1844138402

  • The Toyota Way (Hardcover)

    Describes the management principles of Lean production that are employed by

    • UPC: 2346923
    • Rating: 4.0

  • ESV Large Print Wide Margin Bible (Trutone, Brown/Cordovan, Portfolio Design)

    The ESV Large Print Wide Margin Bible features generous 11-point type, one-inch margins, and enlarged and bolded verse numbers, designed for easy reading and reference. This unique new typesetting is ideal for daily use and

    • UPC: 774011748

  • The Power of Intention : Learning to Co-create Your World Your Way

    This beautiful gift edition of Dyer's international bestseller explores intention--not as something we do, but as an energy we're a part

    • UPC: 14044422
    • Rating: 4.333

  • RE: Zero -Starting Life in Another World-, Chapter 3: Truth of Zero, Vol. 4 (Manga)

    Petelgeuse, the Archbishop of Sin, swears revenge on Subaru, who finds himself back in the royal capital. There, the candidates for queen of Lugunica brand him a nice and refuse to cooperate, when suddenly an

    • UPC: 474133563

  • Tai Chi : The Way of Balance in an Unbalanced World: A Complete Guide to Tai Chi and How It Can Stabilize You Life

    With a picture of Mr. Robinson teaching his grandson, the back page reads: "Mr. Robinson, a Master of Yang Tai Chi, had undertaken two projects. The first is to hand down to his grandson, 46

    • UPC: 17759712

  • The Introvert's Way : Living a Quiet Life in a Noisy World

    For anyone who loved Susan Cain's Quiet, comes this practical manifesto sharing the joys of introversion... This clever and pithy book challenges introverts to take ownership of their personalities...with quiet strength. Sophia Dembling asserts that

    • UPC: 19895369
    • Rating: 3.0

  • Story Thieves Complete Collection : Story Thieves; The Stolen Chapters; Secret Origins; Pick the Plot; Worlds Apart


    • UPC: 848974509

  • Story Thieves Complete Collection : Story Thieves; The Stolen Chapters; Secret Origins; Pick the Plot; Worlds Apart

    Characters from the real and fictional worlds cross paths in the New York Times bestselling Story Thieves series--now available as a collectible boxed set! Life is boring when you live in the real world, instead

    • UPC: 971200909

  • Re:ZERO -Starting Life in Another World-, Chapter 1: A Day in the Capital, Vol. 2 (manga)

    "First published in Japan in 2015 by Kadokawa Corporation,

    • UPC: 52564647

  • The Box : How the Shipping Container Made the World Smaller and the World Economy Bigger - Second Edition with a New Chapter by the Author

    In April 1956, a refitted oil tanker carried fifty-eight shipping containers from Newark to Houston. From that modest beginning, container shipping developed into a huge industry that made the boom in global trade possible. The

    • UPC: 48162159
    • Rating: 4.429

  • Confidence intervals and margin of error | AP Statistics | Khan Academy

    Ways Of The World Chapter 14 Margin Questions
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    Intl Economics - Chapter 14: Exchange Rate Adjustments and the Balance-of-Payments

    Ways Of The World Chapter 14 Margin Questions
    Dr. Bill Schlosser Economics,Absorption Approach,Elasticity Approach,Exchange Rate Pass...


    Ways Of The World Chapter 14 Margin Questions
    Seth Klarman,Margin of Safety