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  • Mini Habits for Weight Loss: Stop Dieting. Form New Habits. Change Your Lifestyle Without Suffering. (Volume 2)

    You will never diet again. Say goodbye to calorie counting, restrictive food bans, or other forced behaviors. In Mini Habits for Weight Loss, you will learn how to lose weight naturally, in the precise way your body and brain are meant to change. We’ve blamed ourselves for lack of discipline. That didn’t help. We’ve blamed calories, carbs, and fat. That didn’t help. We’ve blamed our diet formulas. That didn’t help.It’s time we looked at the practice of dieting.Nearly all diets are ineffective because they’re based on dieting. Ev...

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  • The Click: How I Lost 90 Pounds & Finally Found Fitness ... After 60

    In "The Click", you'll discover:Why DIETING doesn't work. "Diet" is what you eat and drink. Period.Why there should be NO foods that are off limitsThe most important change you can make (does not involve diet or exercise)8 steps to sustainable permanent weight loss at ANY ageIf you want permanent weight loss, you must create a way of eating and living that you can happily follow for life. Read "The Click", stop dieting, and create a lifestyle that supports you at a healthy weight, no matter what your age.Have you ever felt like you had reached ...

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  • DIRTY, LAZY, KETO: Getting Started: How I Lost 140 Pounds

    #1 New Release, #1 Best Seller. Stephanie Laska lost 140 pounds, roughly half of her body weight, by following a ketogenic inspired diet. She figured out the secret to losing weight without the crazy restrictions of a traditional keto diet by following a "dirty" and "lazy" version of keto. Stephanie spent most of her adult life in the Morbidly Obese Class III BMI category. Hovering close to 300 pounds, she avoided booths at restaurants and feared not fitting into amusement park rides. “I once hid my jacket over my lap so the flight attendant ...

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  • What The Heck Should I Eat For Dinner? The 12 Simple Nutritional Principles Behind Weight Loss Success Stories

    The Million Dollar Question Isn't Often - "How Do I Lose Weight?" - It's What Should I REALLY Be Doing To Lose Weight?What if you knew - among all the things you could be doing - the few things you should be doing? What The Heck To Eat for Dinner is based on the twelve simple nutritional principles behind massive weight loss success stories.Behind the thousands of pounds that my students and readers have collectively lost, there are just a few principles that the successful embody on a day to day basis. Rather than being overwhelmed, the few th...


  • Simply Keto: A Practical Approach to Health & Weight Loss, with 100+ Easy Low-Carb Recipes

    The ketogenic diet, a low-carb, high-fat way of eating, is remarkably effective at transforming people's lives, helping them shed pounds and find relief from common health conditions. No one knows this better than Suzanne Ryan. In her quest to overcome her lifelong struggle with her weight, she stumbled upon the ketogenic diet and decided to give it a shot. In just one year, she lost more than 100 pounds and reclaimed control over her health and well-being.Suzanne has shared every detail of her transformation, from the very first days of starti...

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  • Bright Line Eating: The Science of Living Happy, Thin & Free

    A NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER Foreword by John Robbins, author of the international bestseller DIET FOR A NEW AMERICAIn this book, Susan Peirce Thompson, Ph.D. shares the groundbreaking weight-loss solution based on her highly acclaimed Bright Line Eating Boot Camps. Rooted in cutting-edge neuroscience, psychology, and biology, Bright Line Eating explains why people who are desperate to lose weight fail again and again: it’s because the brain blocks weight loss.Bright Line Eating (BLE) is a simple approach designed to reverse that process. By w...

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  • Lifting My Spirits: A Lifelong Dream Deferred No Longer - Transformation from Fat Chick to Bodybuilder After Age 50

    Is it REALLY too late to get fit when you get into your 40’s or 50’s? Can you reverse years of self-neglect and improve your health? In 2009, a 47-year-old Tammy White was told by an emergency room doctor, “change your life or you won’t live to be 60”. She ignored well-meaning advice from trainers to accept weight gain as part of aging and menopause. She used science-based best practices to structure her self-care. Competing as a bodybuilder was a dream from her 20’s that was deferred no longer! Tammy started blogging in 2010 to doc...

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  • Keto Living Day by Day: An Inspirational Guide to the Ketogenic Diet, with 130 Deceptively Simple Recipes

    In her new book, Keto Living Day by Day, Kristie Sullivan brings you along on her inspiring journey to health and happiness through adopting a low-carb, high-fat lifestyle. She shares the failures she experienced when using today's overly prescribed high-carb, low-fat (and also sugar-laden) diets and details how the ketogenic diet helped her lose more than 100 pounds! Kristie hopes that her story will inspire you to take charge of your own life and find your unique path to wellness. With her approachable and sensible philosophy and techniques, ...

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  • Fast Weight Loss Methods

    Fast Weight Loss Methods

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  • Fat Loss In Women Over 50: How To Excel at Weight Loss and Become More Fit and Healthy (I Lost 100 Pounds And You Can Too! Book 4)

    Are you serious about your desire to lose weight? If so, this book is for you. It's a continuation of my first book and gives specific suggestions about successful ways to lose weight and combat compulsive binge eating. This book will guide you through the steps needed to be successful in gaining better health and wellness..Remember, you only have one life to live so you need to reach for your dreams with all you have got. Don’t stop until you succeed!Please, if you like this book, let me know at [email protected] Also, if you could p...


  • Fat Girl Funeral: Burying The Thoughts That Keep You Overweight & Building Weight-Loss Habits For Life

    Traditional medicine treats symptoms, not the root cause of health issues, and that’s the problem. It’s why people everywhere are NOT living healthier. When it comes to weight loss, we focus too much on our bodies and not enough on our minds.We go from diet to diet to nourish our bodies and control our weight, but we fail to address our minds as a way of setting us up for success.Losing weight is NOT a diet problem, it’s a mindset problem. A problem that can be fixed.We put so much effort into getting the bodies we desire, but not nearly ...

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  • The Complete Intermittent Fasting Guide: Includes The Science of Intermittent Fasting, The Art of Intermittent Fasting & The Ultimate Fasting Diet

    **Maximize Your Weight Loss and Health Potential with the Complete Intermittent Fasting Guide**Is losing weight high on your agenda?Have you previously tried and failed?The answer to rapid and lasting weight loss is much simpler than you had imagined!Many of us chose to lose weight and the reasons can be varied and complex. It may be for health reasons, to get in shape for a vacation or to just look and feel better. The sad truth is that most try and many fail, again for a variety of multifaceted reasons.But intermittent fasting is different an...

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  • Body for Life Success Journal

    New from #1 New York Times bestselling author Bill Phillips comes Body–for–Life Success Journal. With over three million copies sold and after more than three years on bestseller lists, Body–for–Life is still going strong. People everywhere are discovering that they too have the power to change their body, their mindset, their life. They are discovering that when they make a change, they make a difference –– they become an inspiration to others, a positive example of living a healthy style of life. And now, with this new Success Jou...

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  • Your Best Body Now: Look and Feel Fabulous at Any Age the Eat-Clean Way

    New York Times bestselling author Tosca Reno knows exactly how you feel. She went from being a flabby, 200+ pound woman to a slim and sexy fitness expert—all past the age of 40! Now, for the first time ever, she reveals her secrets to looking better every year. Using the simple, Eat-Clean principles that have helped millions lose weight and featuring all-new advice from Tosca and her team of top experts, discover how you, too, can:Boost your metabolism to burn fat fastTurn back the clock and age-proof your bodyLook and feel younger than you h...

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  • The Keto Effect For Woman: Stop Sugar Cravings, Reset Your Hormones And Lose Fat Fast With The Ketogenic Diet (includes mindset and fat bombs recipe ebook)

    Buy the print copy and get the kindle version for freeHow many times have you failed a diet  in the past? Are you feeling hopeless and stuck trying to lose weight? Do you feel like your defined by your weight? You need to click hereI want to tell you about a client of mine.  Growing up she was always a slim girl, she was a cheer leader in high school and never had any problems with her weight.At 19 she met a guy who she fell head over heels for although he always had a problem with other guys looking at her, he was an extremely jealous person...

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  • Chicken Soup for the Soul: Say Hello to a Better Body! : Weight Loss and Fitness for Women Over 50

    A collection of stories on the topic of maintaining proper weight, exercising, and nutrition for women over 50, accompanied by medical advice and practical

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  • Mediterranean Diet : 50 of the Best Mediterranean Diet Recipes for Weight Loss (Large Print): A Cook's Simple Guide and Recipe Book

    One diet that has become extremely popular in the past few years is the Mediterranean Diet. It is not an extremely restrictive diet and simply requires the individual to use certain foods to prepare a

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  • The Everyday Dash Diet Cookbook: Over 150 Fresh and Delicious Recipes to Speed Weight Loss, Lower Blood Pressure, and Prevent Diabetes

    A bestselling author and foremost DASH expert, together with a bestselling cookbook writer, makes it easy to prepare home-cooked meals that are fresh, fabulous, and DASH-approved. This ultimate guide to cooking the DASH way serves

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  • The Complete Idiot's Guide to Eating Well After Weight Loss Surgery : Ensure Post-Surgery Success and Win the Weight Loss Battle for Good

    Ensure post-surgery success and win the weight loss battle for good. Packed with no-nonsense information on nutrition and transitional meal planning, and dozens of mouth-watering recipes, this guide gives you everything you need to win

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  • Keto Slow Cooker & One-Pot Meals : Over 100 Simple & Delicious Low-Carb, Paleo and Primal Recipes for Weight Loss and Better Health

    Keto Slow Cooker & One-Pot Meals packs 100 high-fat, low-carb, keto recipes! Make healthy dinners quickly even as you get healthy, lose weight, and control your blood

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  • Weight Loss Surgery Success : Dr. V's A-Z Steps for Losing Weight and Gaining Enlightenment

    In this book, Dr. Vuong offers pertinent psychological and self-improvement tips that are necessary for success after weight loss surgery, which is a rarely covered topic. Drawing on his professional experience working with obesity patients

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  • Fat Fast Cookbook : 50 Easy Recipes to Jump Start Your Low Carb Weight Loss

    Jump-Start Your Low Carb Weight Loss with Fat Fast Cookbook! Are you having trouble losing weight, even on the Atkins Induction phase? Have you lost weight successfully on low carb, but hit a plateau or

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  • It Ain't Over 'till the Thin Lady Sings : How to Make Your Weight-Loss Surgery a Lasting Success

    This sensitive, sympathetic book helps readers determine whether or not weight-loss surgery is right for them. Author Michelle Ritchie shares both her personal journey as a successful weight-loss surgery patient and her professional advice as

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  • Weight Loss for Women Over 50 - eBook

    Weight Loss for Women Over 50Transformation of 21 Days.The Main Tricks to Make You Lose Weight and Look Younger, Healthier & FitterYour framework and bodily health has been backed off significantly from 10 or 20

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  • A Weight Loss Success Story: Ketones Aren't From Motown, With Low Carb, Gluten Free Recipes - eBook

    With fifty fast approaching, author Sandra Hanson had surrendered to the middle age spread but a comment from a friend caused her to reconsider her verdict. After extensive research she developed a plan which led

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  • Weight Loss Success Story: Cheryl

    Women Over 50 Weight Loss Success Stories
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    Weight Loss Success Story: How One Woman Lost 120 Pounds

    Women Over 50 Weight Loss Success Stories
    how to lose weight,weight loss,boxing,weight loss success stories,how to lose weight fa...

    Losing Weight Over 50 - How To Get Thin Now That Life Has Changed

    Women Over 50 Weight Loss Success Stories
    losing weight over 50