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  • The Word and the Void Omnibus

    RUNNING WITH THE DEMON: One Fourth of July weekend, two men come to Hopewell, Illinois. One is a demon, a dark servant of the Void, who will feed off the anger and frustration of the community to achieve a terrible goal. Whilst families picnic and fireworks explode only John Ross, a Knight of the Word, can change the fate of humanity and save the soul of fourteen-year-old Nest Freemark. A KNIGHT OF THE WORD: The years spent saving mankind from the horrors of the Void have taken their toll on John Ross. He's lost his spirit, his belief, and now,... [Read More]

    • ASIN: 1841492663
    • ASIN: 1841492663
    • ISBN: 1841492663
    • Brand: Orbit Gum
    • Manufacturer: Time Warner Books Uk

  • A Knight of the Word

    Continues the time-travel, good-versus-evil story of Welshman John Ross, possessor of the black runestaff, as he confronts a supernatural

    • UPC: 665260
    • Rating: 3.0

  • Angel Fire East

    John Ross continues his battle with the demonic forces of the Void as Hopewell, Illinois, once again becomes the scene of an epic showdown, while Ross races against time to protect a rare gypsy morph

    • UPC: 788817
    • Rating: 4.0

  • Running with the Demon

    A steel mill strike serves as the backdrop for a battle between good and evil, as John Ross tries to protect the town of Hopewill, Illinois from the man poised to make his nightmares come

    • UPC: 468677
    • Rating: 3.6

  • A Knight of the Word - eBook

    “Superior to anything being written in the genre . . . Terry Brooks is one of a handful of fantasy writers whose work consistently meets the highest literary standards.”—Rocky Mountain NewsEight centuries ago the first

    • UPC: 282065165
    • Rating: 2.667

  • A Knight of the Word - Audiobook

    A no-holds-barred battle between Good and Evil . . .Eight centuries ago the first Knight of the Word was commissioned to combat the demonic evil of the Void. Now that daunting legacy has passed to

    • UPC: 678997638
    • Rating: 2.7

  • Angel Fire East - eBook

    “That is Brooks’ way of casting spells—transporting his readers into plausible realms where sorcery is alive, whether those places are in other ages or right in the middle of our own. As a result, he's reaped

    • UPC: 348229766
    • Rating: 3.8

  • Running with the Demon - eBook

    In Running with the Demon, Terry Brooks does nothing less than revitalize fantasy fiction, inventing the complex and powerful new mythos of the Word and the Void, good versus evil still, but played out in

    • UPC: 506097752
    • Rating: 3.5

  • Angel Fire East - Audiobook

    When Running with the Demon appeared two years ago, it was recognized at once as a masterpiece in the making, a bold departure that promised to revitalize contemporary urban fantasy and showcase Terry Brooks's vast

    • UPC: 979160522
    • Rating: 3.8

  • A Knight of the Word - Audiobook

    With 14 national bestsellers to his credit, Terry Brooks has become an icon among fantasy fiction lovers. This stunning sequel to Running With The Demon lures listeners even further into the dark place where the

    • UPC: 227746561

  • Running With the Demon

    Running With the Demon

    • UPC: 46128002
    • Rating: 3.5

  • The Word And The Void Omnibus (Word & the Void) by Brooks, Terry Paperback Book

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  • The Word And The Void Omnibus (Word & the Void),Terry Brooks

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  • The Word and the Void Trilogy Omnibus by Terry Brooks (Paperback, 2007)

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    • Category: Fiction
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  • The Word And The Void Omnibus (Word & the Void), Brooks, Terry, Very Good, Paper

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    • Category: Non-Fiction
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  • The Word And The Void Omnibus (Word & the Void) by Brooks, Terry Paperback Book

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    • Category: Fiction & Literature
    • Price: 16 USD

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    Word And The Void Omnibus Terry Brooks
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    How Missing Man's Family Finds Him Alive 23 Years Later

    Word And The Void Omnibus Terry Brooks

    700 Club Interactive - March 30, 2018

    Word And The Void Omnibus Terry Brooks
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