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  • To Conquer Hell: The Meuse-Argonne, 1918 The Epic Battle That Ended the First World War

    The authoritative, dramatic, and previously untold story of the bloodiest battle in American historyOn September 26, 1918, more than one million American soldiers prepared to assault the German-held Meuse-Argonne region of France. Their commander, General John J. Pershing, said that in thirty-six hours the doughboys would crack the German defenses and open the road to Berlin. Six weeks of savage fighting later, the battle finally ended with the signing of the armistice that concluded the First World War. The Meuse-Argonne had fallen at the cost...

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  • Line of Fire: The Somme

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  • The First World War: A Complete History

    The acclaimed British historian offers a majestic, single-volume work incorporating all major fronts-domestic, diplomatic, military-for "a stunning achievement of research and storytelling" (Publishers Weekly) It was to be the war to end all wars, and it began at 11:15 on the morning of June 28, 1914, in an outpost of the Austro-Hungarian Empire called Sarajevo. It would end officially almost five years later. Unofficially, it has never ended: the horrors we live with today were born in the First World War. It left millions-civilians and soldi...

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  • Heroes of the Somme: Bravery in History's Bloodiest Battle

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  • The Times First World War: The Great War from 1914 to 1918

    Follow the conflict of the World War 1 from 1914-1918 with expert commentary, photographs and a unique collection of historical maps. Published in association and including material from the archives of the Imperial War Museum.Over 200 photographs and maps from the archives of The Imperial War Museum tell the story of how The Great War was fought.Descriptions of key historical events accompany the illustrations, giving a fascinating history of the war from an expert historian.Key offensives covered include:• The Battles of the Marne and Ypres...

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  • The Battle of the Somme: An Introduction to World War One's Bloodiest Battle

    The Battle of the Somme lives in our collective imagination as the epitome of pointless slaughter on the battlefield. A century on, the Somme has come to symbolise the futile horror of trench warfare. The first day of the Somme, 1 July 1916, was the blackest day in British military history – 57,470 casualties, including 19,240 dead. This concise account of the Battle of the Somme includes a summary of the First World War leading up to July 1916, plans and preparations for the Somme Offensive, the role of Douglas Haig, the First Day of the Som...

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  • Breathing Fire: Secret Weapon of the Somme

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  • Everything You Need to Know: The Battles of WWI

    A brand new series called Everything You Need to Know, this book in the series highlights the key facts about the most important battles in WWI that took place all over the world, from Australia to the Middle East to Spain. Rich in detail and fascinating facts, this is the definitive guide to the battles of WWI and how it's changed our world today.Our understanding of the twentieth century and beyond hinges upon the First World War. In this new and comprehensive book the fascinating facts are presented in easy to understand language allowing an...

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  • The Story of World War I Coloring Book (Dover History Coloring Book)

    Starting with tranquil scenes of prosperity that were shattered by the assassination of Archduke Ferdinand and concluding with the signing of the Armistice and the Treaty of Versailles, this dramatic coloring book traces the history of "the war to end all wars." Thirty-five realistic illustrations depict Gallipoli, Jutland, and other momentous battles; the introduction of gas, machine guns, and other new weaponry; Mata Hari, Lawrence of Arabia, and other famous figures; and a chronological view of historic events....

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  • World War 1: The Four Years That Shaped History (World War I, WWI, World War One, Great War, First World War, Soldier Stories)

    The First World War killed 17 million people, traumatised a generation, overturned old empires and changed the world's political order – and yet its origins often seem obscure. World War One: The global conflict that defined a centuryIn late June 1914, Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria was assassinated by a Serbian nationalist in Sarajevo, Bosnia. An escalation of threats and mobilization orders followed the incident, leading by mid-August to the outbreak of World War I, which pitted Germany, Austria-Hungary and the Ottoman Empire (the so-c...

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  • A Storm in Flanders: The Ypres Salient, 1914-1918: Tragedy and Triumph on the Western Front

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  • The World Crisis, 1911-1914 (Winston S. Churchill World Crisis Collection Book 1)

    The causes of the Great War are examined in this first volume of the series that is “essential reading, as fresh and compelling as ever” (Jon Meacham, bestselling author of Franklin and Winston).   An absorbing history of the outbreak of World War I from a true insider’s point of view, the first volume of Winston S. Churchill’s five-volume The World Crisis is unsurpassed as both a historical and personal account of the earth-shaking events leading up to WWI. Beginning in 1911, when Churchill was First Lord of the Admiralty, this repor...

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  • The War The Infantry Knew, 1914-1919: A Chronicle Of Service In France And Belgium

    Memoirs of British medical officer J. C. Dunn during World War I: “The first duty of a battalion medical officer in War is to discourage the evasion of duty...not seldom against one’s better feelings, sometimes to the temporary hurt of the individual, but justice to all other men as well as discipline demands it.”“Sometimes, through word of mouth and shared enthusiasm, a secret book becomes famous. The War the Infantry Knew is one of them. Published privately in a limited edition of five hundred copies in 1938, it gained a reputation as...

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  • Racing the Devil: An Inspector Ian Rutledge Mystery (Inspector Ian Rutledge Mysteries)

    Scotland Yard’s Ian Rutledge finds himself caught in a twisted web of vengeance, old grievances, and secrets that lead back to World War I in the nineteenth installment of the acclaimed bestselling series.On the eve of the bloody Battle of the Somme, a group of English officers having a last drink before returning to the Front make a promise to each other: if they survive the battle ahead—and make it through the war—they will meet in Paris a year after the fighting ends. They will celebrate their good fortune by racing motorcars they beg,...

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  • The Times Second World War: The history of the global conflict from 1939 to 1945

    Follow the conflict of World War 2 from 1939 to 1945 through a unique collection of historical maps, expert commentary and photographs. Published in association and including material from the archives of the Imperial War Museum, London.Over 200 photographs and maps from the archives of The Imperial War Museum tell the story of how this global war was fought.Descriptions of key historical events accompany the illustrations, giving a fascinating history of the war from an expert historian.Key topics covered include• 1939: Invasion of Poland•...

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  • The Storm on Our Shores : One Island, Two Soldiers, and the Forgotten Battle of World War II

    The "story of two World War II soldiers' ... fateful encounter in the Forgotten War of

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  • The Storm on Our Shores : One Island, Two Soldiers, and the Forgotten Battle of World War II

    NATIONAL BESTSELLER "Mark Obmascik has deftly rescued an important story from the margins of our history--and from our country's most forbidding frontier. Deeply researched and feelingly told, The Storm on Our Shores is a heartbreaking

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  • If You Survive : From Normandy to the Battle of the Bulge to the End of World War II, One American Officer's Riveting True Story

    The author describes his experiences in World War II from basic training to the Battle of the Bulge and shares his observations on

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  • The Longest Winter : The Battle of the Bulge and the Epic Story of World War II's Most Decorated Platoon

    From the author of the bestselling "The Bedford Boys" comes the remarkable story of America's most decorated platoon that miraculously halted Hitler's massive offensive at the Battle of the

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  • The Somme: The Epic Battle in the Soldiers' Own Words and Photographs


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  • Easy Company Soldier : The Legendary Battles of a Sergeant from World War II's "Band of Brothers"

    The harrowing memoir of a "Band of Brothers" soldier who spent more consecutive days in combat than any other member of WWII's Easy

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  • The Somme : Herosim and Horror in the First World War

    "Gilbert has unearthed fascinating details of the campaign . . . An unforgettable read."--The Philadelphia InquirerAt 7:30 a.m. on July 1, 1916, the first Allied soldiers climbed out of their trenches along the Somme River

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  • The Black Hole War : My Battle with Stephen Hawking to Make the World Safe for Quantum Mechanics

    A mind-bending book about modern physics, quantum mechanics, the fate of stars and the deep mysteries of black holes. What happens when something is sucked into a black hole? Does it disappear? Three decades ago,

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  • The Battle of Arnhem : The Deadliest Airborne Operation of World War II

    "First published in Great Britain as Arnhem: the battle for the bridges, 1944, by Viking"--Copyright

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  • Their Backs against the Sea : The Battle of Saipan and the Largest Banzai Attack of World War II

    In the midst of the largest banzai attack of the war, US Army Lt. Col. William O'Brien, grievously wounded and out of ammunition, grabbed a sabre from a fallen Japanese soldier and flailed away at

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  • WW1: Battle of the Somme 1916

    World War 1 Battle Of The Somme Facts
    World war one,world war 1,ww1,SOMME,battle of the somme,1st july 1916,1916,douglas haig...

    Battle of the Somme (WW1 Documentary) | History Documentary | Reel Truth History

    World War 1 Battle Of The Somme Facts
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    The First day of the Somme (1916)

    World War 1 Battle Of The Somme Facts
    The First day of the Somme (1st July,WWI Factions: The Russian Army,ww1,world war one,f...